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We Are Always On Call
...We are not unconcerned or arms-length in our involvement.

When we work with you, we’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, fax, cell phone, or e-mail because we know running your own business is not a 9 to 5 affair. We’re there when you need us. But when you don’t need us, we leave you alone. (After all, it is your business)

We Cover A Broad Scope Of Management Issues
We’re not specialized into a tiny corner. If you need to put a label on us, you’d have to call us ‘consultants’. But we’d rather you didn’t. Because virtually nothing you’ve heard about consultants applies to us.

We’re fascinated with, and more than competent in, all the many facets of running a business, from the creative and interpersonal to the practical, managerial and financial. We believe these things are really inseparable. So we are ready to help you draw the big maps, buy the best vehicles for the journey, fix flat tires, and tune engines.

We Have A Special Introductory Package
To help you get past any concerns you may have, we’ve got a special introductory package that will give you a glimpse into how we think, talk, and work, at a very affordable rate. This package is $650 for 7 hours of consulting or a complete system design and proposal with not-to-exceed pricing..

Our standard rate is $125 per hour. There are no additional charges for local travel. Short telephone contacts for management or technical support are also free. You may be assured that all information about your business will be held in strictest confidence.

Organization Redesign For On-Target Results
Most entrepreneurial businesses have grown based on the focus of the marketplace. DAI management team is expert in organizational design and can help redesign the business based on the goals of management. Designing a start-up business can ensure a more rapid growth and development process. By organizing the individuals and departments of your business according to the goals of the businesses can increase productivity and profitability while reducing friction and waste.

Integrating technology into your organization can ensure that all data needed to understand and control your business is collected and presented to you for management and regulatory purposes. Real-time analysis of business performance is critical in these fast-moving times. See 'Computer Systems' above for more information about computer software custom-developed for your business or organization.

Partnership Relations
Partnership conflict is one of the more prevalent causes of business loss and failure.

DAI’s consultants can work with the partners of a company to resolve current situations and train the partners to avoid future conflicts. Skills in basic communications, conflict resolution, meeting management, and decision-making can be easily learned. Producing results together builds better relationships.

Strategic Planning
We offer insight into strategic planning with your goals in mind.

For the entrepreneur, whether in a start-up or growth phase, the Strategic Plan has significant value since it is grounded in reality and hence, is fairly accurate. DAI has over 35 years of experience in strategic planning. The design and installation of automated systems should be undertaken only as part of a careful strategic plan. We have been assisting entrepreneurial business since 1980 in the planning process and have developed a number of manual and automated planning tools. Strategic Planning is both a skill and an art form. DAI can help you master all aspects of this vital process.

Evaluation Of Your Business Systems
DAI can assist you in reviewing the effectiveness of your present business systems and developing a plan for improvements, manual or automated. Complete and reliable manual systems and controls should already be in place before automation is contemplated. An organizational audit can lead to a revised organizational structure, upgraded workflow, improved system controls, and a general smoother functioning of the business, as a whole.

Startup Planning And Support
DAI has experience in supporting entrepreneurs since 1980.

As an Entrepreneur, you are involved in one of the most perilous and rewarding adventures life has to offer! If you’re running a business, young, middle aged or mature, there will be times when you stand there alone, in an ever-changing landscape with no roads or signs, not quite sure of where you’re going or how best to get there. At these times, you may wish that you could get some help, or at least another point of view, from someone who’s been through that landscape many times before, and knows where the forks, pitfalls, dead ends, and expressways are. The people at DAI are experienced guides who know when to go cross-country and when to use the well-traveled path. Dynamic Alternatives offers that help to businesses because we love seeing people go out on their own and make it.

Getting You Where You Want To Go!