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System Resume - a sampling

Gauge Calibration Test Facility 

Complexity: 8 - Date 2005 to Present

Stores test specifications for thousands of types of gauges, manages receipt of gauges from customers, controls testing according to specs and stores all testing results, produces certification if gauge is within tolerances, controls gauge return to customers, and produces invoicing for calibration and repair work performed. System can be used at customer sites for calibration work and synced with the location system on the technician's return if an internet connection is not available at the site. Customers can opt to manage their gauge inventory online using files that are up-to-date with latest calibrations and even the location of the gauge if it is currently being calibrated. Customers can print their own certifications online and see the calibration history of any gauge.

Geriatric Facility Regulation Compliance Audit Company

Complexity: 8 - Date 2005 to Present

System supports regulatory audits of geriatric care facilities. Cross-indexes auditor responses with regulatory references, prepares detailed reports of non-compliance. Comments attached to audit responses can be assembled into overall facility report with editing. System supports automated graphing of up to four selected areas for comparison. They can be areas from the present audit or areas from any other previous audit in file to show improvement/decline in compliance.

24-Hour Reporting System for Geriatric Care Facilities

Complexity: 8 - Date 2004 to Present

Stores information on reportable resident problems. Records all information about wing, room, bed, and details of the problem. Once the general problem type is selected, specific questions are asked to guide the nursing staff to capture all important information. Reporting is provided by patient, wing, problem type, and other selection criteria. A special report is available showing all problems in last 24 hours to support staff meetings discussing patient care issues. Reported items remain active until recorded as resolved.

COOP Property and Liability Insurance Company

Complexity: 10 - Date: 2002 to present

Full tracking of all policy information including policyholder demographics, bank information, endorsements, payments, annual billings, mortgage information, detailed coverage descriptions with rates for both property and liability and audit files to track all changes made. Losses against policies are fully documented and may have pictures or any other kind of file attached. Automated quoting and raise calculations and full reporting to taxing authorities, reinsurers, and banks. Stand-alone quoting program for use by agents. Current development includes full agent access to policy records for their customers via Terminal Services.

Patient control and reporting system for urban hospital community service outreach with operations in St Louis and Chattanooga
Complexity: 10 - Date: 2000 to present

Stores all particulars of clinic participation for each individual, allow on-screen preparation and display of all assessments for nursing, physical therapy, etc. Schedules encounters with outside contractors, records fulfillment, and tracks accounts payable. Tracks drug dispensing from local pharmacy and contract pharmacies for part D reimbursements. Reports in electronic format to state, federal, and others as required for Medicare, Medicaid, and private grants funding. Downloads patient data into palms provided to doctors by the institution. Palm integration will be enhanced in future revisions. Provides a full suite of reports customized for administrators and clinical staff. Directly supported through CITRIX link to their server for updates and file transfer.

Separate modules developed for Home Health Care scheduling integrated with master program. Provides for auto-scheduling of repeat days, weeks, etc. with full schedules for administrators and caregivers.

Sales and technical order fulfillment system for local office of large communications company
Complexity: 8 - Date: 1997 to 2000

Took over support of existing system which was stabilized and substantially rewritten. Manages all orders from single large customer with detailed, critical technical requirements. 30+ users on mission-critical system, supporting sales in excess of $100 million. Our involvement was to make ongoing changes to reflect volatile requirements of customer and the users.

Commercial program for use by builders using steel framing for residential building
Complexity: 10 - Date: 1999 to 2003

Does all the engineering math for size and gauge calculations for steel members based on simple entries for a given building section for floor, wall, header, ceiling, and rafter. Automatically calculates track, floor and roof decking, fasteners, and many other materials based on the section entries. Complete material takeoffs and vendor orders and reporting including labor crew utilization and total project costs. Stores up to 99,000 projects and allows copying and setting of models to reduce entry for similar projects. Also contains visuals for steel framing construction standards and construction tips. Just completed revisions for version 1.2.

Point of sale/inventory control/customer history/invoicing integrated system for commercial lumberyard
Complexity: 9 - Date: 1998 to present

Fully networked system with custom reporting, unique controls for yard ticket fulfillment, replenishment ordering supported by daily unit sales reports, full catalog of activity and financial reports. Most recently added full quoting system with conversion to order. Directly supported through PCAnywhere connection for updates and file transfer.

Commercial real estate support system
Complexity: 9 - Date: 1996 to 2006

Manages all active and inactive listings for 11,000+ buildings for well-known Chicago commercial real estate broker. Very complex search engine and reporting capabilities based on a large number of search criteria. Attachment and viewing capability for pictures and layouts. Data dump in format compatible with mapping program presentation. Fully networked. Most recently upgraded to present query output in editable format using virtual file-handling systems.

Contact and investment tracking system for venture capital broker
Complexity: 6 - Date: 1996 to present

Tracks fund-raising projects, investors and all details about their business and personal connections which can help the users stay in touch with their clientele. Contact tracking with DAI-developed custom calendar display. Business card images displayed in record scanned in with CardScan reader and OCR for semi-automated data entry.

Billing and account tracking system for commercial cleaning service
Complexity: 7 - Date: 1992 to 2005

Custom billing application which supports customers’ special information needs. White Sox stadium and United Center (home of Michael Jordan) and others require support for special reporting on various kinds of specialized maintenance. 300+ customers handled by the system. Features include automated invoice creation for standard monthly contract cleaning accounts and full sales reporting. Recent addition includes tracking of payroll costs by account and account profitability display.

Project and client tracking system for Public Relations consultant
Complexity: 5 - Date: 1993 to present

Tracks work done on behalf of clients with cross reference to media or organization contacted and whether a media placement has occurred. Data matrix includes clients, media firms, personnel at media firms, and projects. Contact and placement records provide transportation to any related record. Directly supported through PCAnywhere link for updates and file transfer.

Integrated inventory management, customer service/parts ordering and fulfillment and invoicing system for manufacturing equipment sales and service organization
Complexity: 10 - Date: 1995 to present

Ordering, receipt, and sales records for inventory of 20,000 parts for large manufacturing machine. Order entry for customer sales, backordering, invoicing, and sophisticated custom reporting. Bar-code support for receipts and shipments and real-time updating of inventory using Symbol wireless palm units with bar-code readers. Our direct contact is provided over the web via Citrix Winframe connection for immediate support and file transfer.

In-house sales prospect contact system, automated sales invoice preparation, inventory sales tracking, communications with outside fulfillment house, management of authorized resellers
complexity: 9 - Date: 1996 to 2000

Management of purchased lists (50,000+), automated transfer into working files, contact management with follow-up display, mass contact preparation, mass mailing selection module with download to .dbf for transfer to mailing house. Shipping and invoicing created from icon with automated fill-in of customer data. Picking lists and summary for communication with fulfillment house and their reporting back with shipment confirmations. Inventory with multiple pricing levels automatically selected based on customer status, component tracking for sub-assemblies and rudimentary inventory system.

Manufacturing costing and billing system for designer garment manufacturer
Complexity: 8 - Date: 1997 to 2001

Tracks all labor and materials included in a given item, explodes costs and prints cost sheet with full details. Variable profit margins computed for individual garments based on multiple customer types. Manufacturing order preparation with special instructions for decoration on custom items. Sales confirmation document preparation. Invoicing for full or partial order as delivered.

Client tracking and billing for psychological services clinic
Complexity: 8 - Date: 1992 to 2003

Clinic offers services regulated by the Illinois state court system and requires tracking of clients through very specific treatment channels and extensive reporting to the state on each case. System automates many follow-ups and controls attendance of clients at group sessions, printing group attendance reports and sign-up sheets for therapists’ use in recording activity and payments made. Development continued on this system to 2003, with new features, productivity changes, etc. added each year.

Patient tracking and insurance billing system for physician working with children with learning disabilities
Complexity: 7 - Date: 1993 to present

Creation of billings for insurance companies using standard treatment codes and printing out standard forms. Patient information and history.